Who Are We?

The Dapo Agoro Foundation for Peace embraces Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of a world where nonviolence is a way of life. Dr King pointed out that nonviolence means more than the absence of physical violence. Nonviolence is not passive, but a courageous, active resistance to injustice. It is a way of life reflected in thought and deed, a method of conducting yourself in all of your affairs. The Dapo Agoro Foundation for Peace seeks to create a forum for the community to address the problem of youth violence in our communities and a support group for families that are victimized as result of youth violence.

Our commitment is to launch innovative projects and programs that promote non violence among our youths through the use of positive re-enforcement by awarding an annual peace award to a student at Lester B. Pearson High School who demonstrates these traits. We aim to promote against youth violence through the use of state-of-the-art communications technology.

We seek new partnerships with organizations and individuals who demonstrate commitment to help educate people all over the world in Nonviolence. We will continue to support organizations that have missions similar to that of the Dapo Agoro Foundation for Peace.

Things you should know...

  • How did the Foundation get started?

  • The Foundation for Peace was created in memory of Dapo Agoro, a promising young man who was murdered. The foundation is looking to bring Ottawa’s youth and the community at large together to fight against the rise of youth violence. The devastation and loss of life that it causes is overwhelming. The Foundation for Peace serves as a non-profit organization aimed at bringing awareness to the increasing prevalence of knives among today’s youth and to promote non-violent conflict resolution.

  • Where does the money go?

  • The foundation has created an annual Scholarship Award for Peace that is given to a graduating student at Lester B. Pearson who exemplifies Graduate Student Expectations.

  • What are the Criteria for the Dapo Agoro Memorial Award?

  • The recipient must be a graduating student from Lester B. Pearson Catholic High school who exemplifies Christian behaviour, a motivated student who promotes peace throughout the school.

  • How can I donate to the foundation?

  • Donations can be made online via website, or via cheque/money order sent to 60-2336 Orient Park Drive Ottawa, ON K1B 4N5

  • How do I get involved?

  • Click on the sponsor/volunteer links to get involved in upcoming events.

  • Who runs the foundation?

  • A board of directors that have been chosen to oversee the foundations operations run the foundation.

Dapo Agoro: A Sister’s Perspective

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.

- Desmond Tutu

My brother Oladapo (Dapo) Agoro was just that, a gift. His life, although short was with purpose. Dapo was born September 11, 1982 to our parents Bashir and Biola Agoro. It was a celebrated birth not only praising God for a healthy child but for a healthy boy. Dapo was a very active child, always ready to get into the action. He would never settle for being left behind. From day one he was attached to me at the hip, where I went he was sure to follow. When I look back at our early years together, I remember complaining to my parents that I had no privacy. I just wanted to be left alone -- I wanted my own space. If you were to ask me now, what I would give to have those days back. I can remember summer afternoons at the park playing on the swings and the monkey bars waiting for the ice cream man to make his rounds. The best was the Saturday mornings we spent listening to old records with our dad. They are all precious moments that are now distant memories. From a very early age Dapo made friends easily, his smile radiated and attracted everyone to him. He was never short of friends, there were always kids coming to door asking if Dapo could come out and play. It was his kind heart and genuine empathy that drew people to him. Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him would echo that Dapo was a good person.

Soccer, basketball, track…Dapo played it all! He was a dedicated athlete, there was no sport out there that my brother would not try at least once. He excelled in soccer, a much adored sport in our community. He played both competitive and recreational soccer. Most of our summers were spent traveling to and from different tournaments. His love for the sport was shared by our entire family, it provided an avenue where we would not only celebrate his talent but spend quality time as a family unit. His room is filled with medals and trophies that highlight his dedication to the sport.

Then we fast forward almost 20 years and instead of talking about what new challenges Dapo will be embarking on, we are reminded of the one fatal night that changed everything forever!

It has been six long years since my brother was taken from my family. But when I try to I recall the night of June 8th 2002 it feels like it happened yesterday. I was at home in Toronto around 1am when my roommate ran in to my room with the phone and from that very second my life changed forever. Since that day nothing feels the same; nothing tastes the same, nothing. I know I am not the first person on earth to lose a loved one suddenly but it feels like no one has ever felt the pain that I feel. My brother was more than family to me, he was my best friend. Five years my junior but our relationship was more of an older brother, younger sister dynamic. My nickname for Dapo is “Big Boy”. He was a young man just starting out in life, a ‘boy’ of sorts. Everything about him as person was ‘big’, his heart, his generosity and his strong sense of family.

He was always there for me and protected me. We talked about everything and anything, nothing was off limits. When my brother’s life was taken, so was part of mine. Even though he is not here in body he is definitely here in spirit. I feel him all around me, there are moments where I pause for no specific reason and everything seems calm. I believe it is in those moments that Dapo is making his presence known. As I write this I can still say that anytime I have a tough decision to make or something really exciting to share the first person I share it with is my brother and my friend, Dapo.

by Shola Agoro.